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   Chongqing CYIT Communication Technologies Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company devoted to the development and industrialization of core technologies of mobile communication terminals. CYIT is one of the pioneers in China dedicated to the technological research and development of TD-SCDMA standards and core terminals .

   The focus strategies of CYIT include TD-SCDMA /TD-LTE terminal baseband chips and terminal solutions. It provides terminal core chips, terminal product solutions, and technological services to customers, which engage in designing and manufacturing mobile phones and other terminal products. Currently CYIT has been taken the lead in TD-HSPA,TD-HSPA+ program in the whole industry, also kept TD-LTE in line with the industry closely.

   CYIT will still continue to commit to promote the development and industrialization of the innovative TDD terminal core technology based on wireless communication area, and provide products and service with excellent quality and good feedback.

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